Look at the footballers. What are they wearing?

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For more football fun check out the Premier Skills website http://premierskills.britishcouncil.org/fun 

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I don't like football.

I got right every time.

how can i play?

Hi QueenInternetAngel,

To play the game you need to look at the picture of the footballer on the left. Then look at the 5 boxes on the right. Choose the correct answers to match the picture that you see. For example if the footballer has brown hair, you select 'brown hair'. Now do the same for shirt, shorts, socks and boots. When you have finished click on the tick to find out if you have the right answers.

I hope that helps. Have fun!


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

I'ts veryyyyyyyyyy easy.

Its very easy!

I don't like this game

It's very fantastic game

In football,boots are called studs,can you please change it?!

Hi FriendlyForestFly,
You are  right, studs are the part of the football boot that grips the ground. Some people simply call the boots studs. But we can also say football boots, so we are not going to change the word in the game!
I hope you have fun playing it.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team