Listen to a traditional song about a spider called Incy Wincy. 

Animation by Cambridge English Online


Do you like this song? Are you afraid of spiders?

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Very nice, guys! I like this song and I love to sing this song! Incy Wincy Spider! I like the Spider! It is cute, isn't it?

Super!Very beautiful and funny!I'm afraid of spider but this is cute!

 Hi ! I am DJSilverPark! I am your classmate! Do you like this song?

this song is not good

i scary in the spider because like spiderman in his hand bean stink by spider

Hi everyone,
Who is afraid of spiders?

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I like spiders i watch the wild kratts mart and cris like all animals and bugs

 I'm afraid of spiders! Last month I traveled to São Paulo and at my room's door had a giant spider! It was terrible! I didn't sleep very well.. :( It's very ugly and scary!