What's the weather like in China? What's the weather like in Egypt? Listen to the weather news and put the weather symbols in the right places.

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online
Average: 3.7 (1578 votes)


Its ok but soooo very easssyyy

is good to ppplllaaayyy.....

 It's very very very very easy .    It's not bad   ,  it's fun .

hi I'm eight years old 

 Very easy and I like it.....

I don't like it! How old are you guys? this is for baby's!
☻Í'm 11 please anser my queston!☻

Hi VioletLeafGhost,
I do agree with you that it is really for babies and I know you don't really like it but please be more kind,polite and understandable to the council. I'm 7 and going to be 8 but I am not a Primary 1 but a Primary 2.

                                                       Hope you like it when you see it again and again!

Your Best Friend

 Hey LuckyDiamond5000!!!! I agree you!!!!!!!!!   

it is easy and interesting.

It's very easy!