Do you enjoy making things? Try this craft activity.

Do you love spiders? Watch a video and learn how to make a spider mobile for your bedroom - or for your friend! You can download and print the pictures and the instructions below.

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sup yall i  am lovin the website!!!!!! i think it is useful. the  boy is cute/funny.

the boy is ok,but game is boring!milica,serbia

It's very easy

The chinese boys are so funyy :))  

i dont know how to play de gamee!! help me!

 Hi LadyScienceBuddy

This video is explaining to you how to make a spider mobile. It is not a game. If you want to play games then you could go to where you will find lots of fun games.

Thanks for using the site.


LearnEnglish Kids team

 I don´t like spiders

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I love English.....
Would you like to be friends?

Bah, it isn't so nice.I don't like that.

hate real the spider.