Do you enjoy making things? Try this craft activity.

Do you love music? Find some instructions for making your own musical instruments.

You can find instructions for four musical instruments:

  • a flute
  • a shaker
  • a drum
  • a guitar
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hey i am new sooo yar
its odd bye

i have a piano a flute an harpa a guitar i dont have violin but i can do it !!!
(love music)
(love hip-hop and R'N'B styles)

may i ask you all , how do you make that cool profile picture ? somebody tell me , please !!  plzzz

Hello QueenSpellSinger, 
Do you want to change your profile picture? I think your's is cool now but if you want something different you can click on the picture and change it.
Best Wishes
LearnEnglishKids Team

HI FRIENDS you know i like the most is the shaker
its sounds like TA TA TA TA TA TA TA

carnt print

Dear AgentGuitar10,
Please tell me what you need help with. Is it to create your character, or something else?
LearnEnglish Kids team 

Hi AwesomeTriceratopsT-Rex,
Click on your picture to get into your account (or click 'my account' on the right of the page).
Click 'edit' and then 'create character' at the bottom of the page.
Follow the instructions to create your character, and don't forget to save.
Have fun!
LearnEnglish Kids team

 hello missinternet im new can u help me

what kind of help. I really like it when people need my help. Anyways this is my first time writing a comment too.If you want to know how old i am.I am 8.My name is recan