Listen to a song about Dean and Pearl, the teenage spies. 

Music and lyrics by Andy Henley and Tym King. Animation by Cambridge English Online.


In the song there was a laser pen, camera ring and other gadgets for spies. What gadget would you like to have?

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please send me all the songs

Hi HelloSongSitar,
I'm sorry but we can't send you all the songs. You can listen to them whenever you like on the website! Also, you can download some of them.
Enjoy the songs! Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

I don't know how to download songs.

Hi Smiley Princess T,

At the moment you can only download some of our songs, not all of them. If you see an orange tab below the song that says 'download the song' then you can. Have a look at Incy Wincy Spider of The Wheels on the Bus to see what I mean. I hope this is clear!

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

I think the most important one is the radio watch. You would never be lost, you can communicate with your partners.

ıt's cool, very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

i went to save world that why i like this song

hi i like it to

It's cool, very good!