It's snowing! What will happen when two children make a snowman? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


There's lots of snow in Katie and Eddie's garden. Does it snow where you live? Tell us what you would like to do in the snow!

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I live in Sri lanka. So, we don't get snow. But I really like to experience snow one day!


 I like snowman and Snow but in my country does'nt have snow in winter.... 
So I can't play with them ... 
So Unfortunately 

i like it

It  doesn't  snow  in  India !

 I love snow , but the weather in my country doesn't snowy . 
In summer : HOT     
In Winter: Cold without snow.
In spring : warm
In Autumn : good
I wanna create snowman with my friends at my country  .    I can NEVER 

Dear WhiteDove8000,

We have got the information that as the earth's environment is changing and now some ( very very few) places it snows where it never snowed..
Maybe, someday, in your country it will start to snow too.. :)

i like the story and the snowman. i play with snow and make snowman every year with my cousins.

  • i like  the snowman
  • i also dont have snow here