It's Christmas Eve. Can Santa deliver all the presents in time? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


In the story Amy helps Santa deliver Christmas presents. Do you get presents for Christmas or another special day? Tell us about it!

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 it's good

 it's a beautiful story but i don't believe santa  anymore.

happy christmas
we don't have Christmas Eve in my country i am from  ALGERIA 
but i like snow and it a good idea to give present for all people it will  make them happy

what is a mince pie?

Hi Princess Eagle Horse,

A mince pie is like a little sweet cake. It has pastry on the outside and inside it is full of 'mince' which is dried fruit. In the UK we eat mince pies at Christmas time. What do you eat at this time of year where you live?

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

I don't believe in Santa!!

this is a cool and really really good book i tell you. you aoutta read it! 

Do you now that we aren,t the only spices on the universe?    Do you belive that somewhere in universe is someone ermore intelligent than us? well that is not confirmed yet, but the sicentist had not discover an "alien" up now.    I think that universe is much bigger than we think.    What do you think about this? 

Here is some things I would like to share

  1. You lot are wierd
  2. some of you say you don't get presants
  3. some comments are cool
  4. I would like you to be my friends
  5. lots of you look kind
  6. you are kind with some comments
  7. you guys are cool
  8. I have a wii do you
  9. are any of you from great britan
  10. do you like pasta and cheese
  11. do you like this website
  12. I am going soon
  13. I hope you are good
  14. who has two calenders so they have two cholates

 I hope you have been good this year and Merry christmas

What a comedy show I wonder if they would put this on DVD so I can see it for my bedtime DVD!