What do you want to be when you are older? What do you think are the best and the worst jobs?

Your Turn: Jobs
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Thanks for writing to us! Yes, 'olive filler' must be a difficult job.

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

the footballers are very good

very good i think they are so so bad I do

the jobs are very sucsessfull

Hi!! I want to be a musician. I playing the clarinet . For me, this is the best job in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to be a vet beacause i love the animals very much i have got three cats   i think the best job is singer and the worst is police

  I want to be a Singer and a Dancer.
  l think the best job is an actor and the worst job is a cleaner.

 I think i`d be an fashion dizigner.

  • ''I think i'd be an artist !!
  • ''I'd  allso be a pottary teacher!! 

i want to be a theacher