Play some word games to learn and practise more actions vocabulary.


What actions do you like doing?

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i like to play the games '' Kawaii craft and Kawaii world '' in my celular

Play and with my brother

I like to smell food

I like play with my playstation

I like to taste ice cream

1.. I like to eat cake of chocolate.
2. I like to paint animals and woods.
3 .I like to dance and choreographies.
4. l like to run in the park the sundays .
5. l like to play the games "roblox and among us " in my celular

I like to smell.

l like follow and shout

i like to taste ice cream

i have a tv. The tv it is short and very big. I have a bike. It is very tall and has two seat. I have a car. The car is very big and tall.