Look at the postcard from London then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


Which places have you visited? Which places do you want to see?

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I have visited Paris, Egypt, Israel.(cool)

I want to see USA

I’ve dever been too london allthough i have been to the USA.

And I forget every time I gone like 1 bilian of times in USA

Which place have you visited - I visited 2 times in Brazil after in Dominicain-République after we went again in Brazil (my parents are Brazilian)

Which place do you want to see - I want to go in Italy and London Milan and venise... you now my style

I visited Scotland, London, Paris and India. I want to visit Canada, Germany.

Dear mum I will be coming back soon I hope you're ok at home I miss you so much please text me back. Love from Sadie

I visited Cancún ,Morelia , Acapulco, San Diego, Tijuana,

And i want go to Paris, London, California and Tokio

I was in Saint-Petersburg, In Vladikavkaz, In Volgograd, in Sochi, In Adler/ I want to be in Paris, in London, in Italy, In Barselona

I was in Greece. It was awesome .I swam in swimming pool and visited old city. I would like to go to Egypt.

I visited Polish mountains two years ago. I and my family walked and swam in lots of swimming pools. I would like to go to Spain.