In the UK, 1 April is 'April Fool's Day'. This is a day when people play tricks on each other for fun. A trick is like a practical joke. Do you like playing tricks on people? Is there a similar day in your country? Tell us about a trick you have played on somebody!

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I don't like playing tricks

I also don`t play tricks. It`s not funny. But I know some people make tricks for everyone.

Hello my name is Derem.I am from Turkey.
Yes,every April I make a joke my family. This April I made a joke to my father yesterday night.I want to say my joke to you.I bought a creamy biscuits then I applied tootpaste instead of cream and I offered my father.My father ate this biscuit and said "IYYY this biscuit is very bad ".Then I shouted "April 1".


I don´t celebrate that and I don´t like jokes very much

i like playing tricks on people, there s a fool s day but on december, i was hidden behind a door and scared my brother

I like playing tricks on people.
There is a similar day in your country.
I tricked my friend that there was math homework and she believed it.

I dont like to get pranked

yes i like playing tricks. yes ,in spain is on the 28th of december. 1 trick is to turn off the wifi while one person is using it.