Siriwat isn't feeling very well. Can his dad and the doctor help him? Watch and find out!

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Siriwat needs medicine because he's ill. What can we do to try and stay healthy? Tell us your ideas! 

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why is he always ill?

How can you be to ill to take medicine you will never get better!

I am ill from last time, so i got a tummy ache and headche.
We must take care!

That makes no sense how can you be to ill to take medicine?

I ill many times in a month.

I don't get that. You can never be to ill to drink and take medicine. Can you?

so funny

I know why he said “i’m to ill to eat medicine” because he doesn’t want to eat the medicine.

Why is he too ill to take medicine it does not even give sence

You must walk a lot, and eat healthy food go in for sports .Then you won't get ill. What do
you recommend?