The children are visiting the Planet Earth Museum. What will they learn about our planet? Watch and find out!

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


The children learn a lot about forests, oceans, the Arctic and Antarctic and rivers. What can we do to help protect our planet? Tell us your ideas!

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I would like to live in the green world and  we must protect our planet
it is  important for  a good health  
i don't throw rubbish on roads, I'll throw it in the dustbin
I switch off the lights when I'm not using them.

The story is very  beautiful.I like the story!!

I feel very sorry destroing the Nature and I would like to live in the green world. And I'll try to make the world green.

What can you do to help protect Planet Earth?
I won't throw rubbish on roads, I'll throw in the dustbin.
I switch off the lights when I'm not using them.
I have a shower instead of a bath to use less water.
I don't take plastic bags from the supermarket, I use my own bag.

It's enough for now!

it was a good story. I learn more

i support ExtraQuatz3 comment and it is very important that we have to keep our environment clean

animals should be safe...ok hihihihihihihi^_^

I think to save the Planet Hearth with separete collection of rubbish

I like this video... It's make us realize,we don't put the garbage into the river, don't destroy the plants..etc..because if them happened, can make our earth in an uproar..

i like to life in a.....euh iam forgot a name of  city

I would loved to live in a world where people thinks serious about our planet. Where the oceans is fresh, air is healthy and things that save energy for us. Not a planet wich destroy our homeplanet with gas and rubbish. We can change the car into electric car. We don't need to us the ocean like it would be carbage. We must save energy. I think that it is very inportent. In my school, we have a environment group where we talk once a week. We mostly talk about how we are going to do our school better and how to help the environment. I was the leader on that group.