Do you know lots of words in English? How many can you make in three minutes?


Do you like this game? What were your favourite words that you made?

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I've got 42 points in this game in my first try and I think this game is marvellous as I can learn how to make words in a short time . It can increase my vocabulary as this helps me to make all kinds of words in a quick 3 minutes.

My highest point is 43 !!
YEAH !!!

The first game , I got 36 points , the second time, I got 24 points ,the third time, I got 36 points again!!

Yes my score is 21 points !

Hello . I really like this game. In class, we play it all at the beginning of the court.

It's so much fun and really good for spelling practice!

WOW today I scored 135 points!!!!!!!

bruh in my first game i score 1024

Wow congratulations !

I scored 82 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOORA