Do you like barbecues? What kind of food can you cook on a barbecue? Where's a good place to have a barbie? When was the last time you had a barbecue?

Your Turn: Barbecues


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Yes i like barbecues! the good place is on the beach.

I like barbecues. I can cook potatoes on a barbecue. A good place to have a barbie is in the forest. The last time when I had a barbecue was week ago.

I like barbeqes very well

Yes, I do. I cook some hot dog and some salad. The best place to cook a barbecue is outside, maybe in a garden. I don't remember perhaps I I ate a barbecue last year.

I love barbecues.The best place to eat barbecue is the beach.

I like barbecues very much and I can cook meat and onions and tomatoes . The best place for me to eat is in the mountain . The last time I had barbecues was last month .

I'd like to eat barbecue on the coast at night, it;s good to have something hot against the breezy air

I like barbecues and the best place for me to eat is the sea

yes.A Bistecca.yes.bistecca.

Hello LordCoastTechnology! smiley

Do you know what a 'bistecca' is in English? 

It's a 'steak'!

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