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Today is a very special day for my country. Argentina Kids... answer this

to be continue

hello I come from Vietnam I have a traditional story from our country, it's a bit similar to Cinderella: Once there lived a pretty girl Tam, she lived with her stepmom and stepsister, they were mean and lazy so Tam had to do all the housework. One day the stepmom told Tam and her daughter( her name was Cam) to go fishing, who went home with more fish would be given a new shirt. Tam had more fish but she was tricked by Cam so there was an only a goby left, she cried and a god (with hair and beard like Dumbledore's) appeared and told Tam to keep the fish in the well and feed it every day by a chant. Then Cam and her mommy saw the goby and kill it while Tam was working. When Tam came home that day, she cried for her fish and she was told by the previous god to bury the fish' bone under her bed. A time later there was a festival in the country to choose a wife for the prince. Tam wanted to go but she had to sort mixed black beans and green beans and had no pretty clothes so she cried. The god helped her and told her to dig the bones of the fish she had buried up, Tam got new clothes and a horse to go to the festival. But when she went past a river she dropped her shoe. After a while the prince went past that river and he saw her shoe, he picked it up. At the festival he said whose foot fit the shoe would be his wife, of course Tam's foot fitted her shoe and she became the princess. Cam and her mom was jealous, when Tam came home to visit them, they told her to climb on a tree, when Tam was on the top of the tree, Cam's chopped the tree's root. Tam died and Cam was the princess instead. But the prince was busy playing with his bird pet so he didn't care 'bout Cam. She was cross and kill the bird, too. At where she buried the bird grew a pair of trees

nice story but why did it have killing in it that's sad :(

hi, me too, i'm Vietnamese, I know this story!
Tấm Cám!

What kind of trees grew?

Hi I am frim Argentina and have 10 years old. I will tell you a story.
Anahí loved singing. She was a beautiful girl and everybody loved listening to her voice. She was the “king’s” daughter (its not a king but whatever.) But once the spanish took their country and they captured Anahí. She escaped but then they found her again and she died. Where her blood fell appeared a big tree with red flowers and It’s called the ceibo tree. Ceibo is Anahí in guaraní I think

I am from Vietnam, my country has many legends and myths and they're quite exciting but quite long: Once there was a king, he had many sons, when he was getting old, he wanted to choose his most talented son to be the king after he died. Then he set a cooking competition. ''Who has the most meaningful and delicious dish will be the king after I died'' he said. Most of his sons find food on high mountains or deep sea. But one of them, the 18th prince(his name was Lang Lieu) was poor so he was upset because he wouldn't have anything to give the king. Then he had a dream, a fairy god father told him to make cakes by rice because rice is the most valuable food on Earth (in Vietnamese culture), so Lang Lieu made the cakes and told the meaning to the king, the king was impressive and he named the cakes ''banh chung'' and ''banh giay'' banh chungs are square- for Earth, and banh giays are round- for the sky. Finally, Lang Lieu inherited the country and these days people still making bnh chung and banh giay in Tet holiday as a tradition.( they are pretty yummy, anyway).

My stories are Rocket with 4 legs ,VDV and Mess at school.The Rocket with 4 legs is a story about a very fast dog.Its name is Arrow.VDV is a story about a BIG FRIENDLY GIANT.Mess at school a story about a teacher.She has long hair.

My story is about The 13 house!
Once upon a time there lived a poor man. His name was Ducrel. When he was 29 he lost his house. And he needed to build or find a new house. Because he hasn't got any money. One day he started looking for a house. And he found. When he entered inside he never went out.The end