Do you like watching television? What are your favourite TV programmes? How much TV do you watch each week? Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

Your Turn: Television
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I like favourite channel is tanling.

I love watching cartoons but I don't have a TV in my bedroom

My favourite is cartoon network. My favourite tv program is steven universe.  

hi my favorite cartoon channels are
cartoon network
my favorite tv program is steven universe

i dont like watching tv.i dont have any tv in my bed room.

i love love to watch TV because :
# it entertains me a lot.
# my favorite cartoon channels are:
~ cartoon network
~ nick.jr
~ zoo moo
#and my favorite cartoons from these are:
~ cartoon network :
1/ the amazing world of gumball
2/ power puff girls
3/ ben10
4/ we bare bear
5/ courage the crowdly dog
and at last
6/ teen titans go!
#from nick. jr:
1/dora and friends
2/ max and ruby
# zoo moo :
1/ orig animals
2/ buzz hive

What is Zoo Moo?

Hi sportychipmunk800
Good question what's zoo moo?
Sounds like a zoo with a cow inside!
Hope you find out soon
Best wishes from
Sparkly Necklace Phoneix :-D

And ID or maybe sometimes i watch with my parents news.

hello i have an tv lg and i can watch at home like in cinema its so cooooooll and you are romanian also like me. whats up <3