The Jade Emperor chose the order of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. How did he decide? Watch and find out!

Traditional story adapted by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


There are twelve animals in the story. Which one is your favourite? Tell us about it!

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yes I know becase am from vietnam


I was born in February so I am the Cow.

I was born on 2010 so i was tiger.

I was born on 2008 so i'm the mouse :(

no your not the tiger

Hi PrincessDaisySkittle,

Actually DJDinosaurViolet is right, 2010 was the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac :-)


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

oh i am born at 2007 so i am a hourse

i was born in 2007, just like you, PrincessDaisySkittle. but my parent said i am a pig. vietnam has chinesse zodiacs

i was born 2008, i do not know what i am