Have you ever been to a wedding? What do people wear at weddings? What do people eat at weddings? Would you like to get married when you are older?

Your Turn: Weddings
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yes i go to the weeding , people wear at weddings the woman wear a dress is colour white are

i have been seen weddings . I saw three weddings . The bride wear sari and neclace and the groom wear panjabi and cap of panjabi . And i saw one wedding programe on tv . And every one wear panjabi or tshirt and pand and sari and neclace . everoone eat wedding cake sweets roast chicken polao khicri salad doi . Because We are muslims . and small child wear party frocks . because god or allah favourite religion

I have been to wedding.they wear dress and shirt and trosure. They eat wedding cake.yes.

I've been to lots of weddings. The brides wear dress and the grooms wear suit. There are many delicious food and I always eat a lot. I wouldn't like to get married when I'm older.

i went to lots of weddings.there were lots of yummy food.they was all very cool.

i went to lots of wedding

i have been in wedding for so many times.
sometime my aunt said ''if you come and be the flower girl,i will give you money.
first time that i been in wedding that was my aunt wedding. she wears long white dress.she look very beautiful.my uncle wears tuxedo.he look very hansome.

I have go to a wedding with my sister and my dad.My sister and me sing at the wedding,too.

i usually go to wedding in the wedding i ware my best dress we eat cake and drink souda some times we take lunch i will find my husband but when i grow up

yes. i have been two weddings. the men wear stylish Punjabi and pajama in Bangladesh. And people eat delicious food like meat, rice and sweet in Bangladesh. And i don't like to be married when i will be older