When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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My birthday is on 7 August. I celebrate my birthday at a restaurant. My best present is hello kitty. I share my birthday cake with my friends and family.

My brithday is January 7th.
I celebrate my birthday with parents
My best birthday is a spreading dress
I play with you at my birthay party

My birthday is on 27 September.
I celebrate my birthday with my parents.
My best birthday present is a penneboard.
I have fun with my friends

MY birthday is 30th April ..I celebrated at MY SCHOOL with my teacher and my friends they ate aloth of cake my birthday presnet is keychane . we play at the playground.

Hello, my birthday is on 10th September. I celebrate my birthday with my family, the best birthday present are hair clips, I cut the cake and play with my family.

Hello, .My birthday is on 8th january.I celebrate my birthday with my family.The best birthday present is a doll. I cut cake and and play with my friends.

Hi MissParrotFriend,

It's your birthday soon! Have a great day.

Happy birthday!



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Hello, My birthday is on 3 March. I always stay at home on my birthday and have a big birthday cake. My best present is a book.

My birthday is on 4 November. I celebrate by calling my friends. My best birthday present is a watch. I play with my friends on my birthday.

Hello! I'm new. My name is Carlos and my birthday is on 9th of February. I do celebrate my birthday(usually in big theme parks) and have parties as well. When I turn atleast 19 or 20, I wanna start my own business on being a dentist. How about you girls/boys??