When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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MY birthday is 30th April ..I celebrated at MY SCHOOL with my teacher and my friends they ate aloth of cake my birthday presnet is keychane . we play at the playground.

Hello, my birthday is on 10th September. I celebrate my birthday with my family, the best birthday present are hair clips, I cut the cake and play with my family.

Hello, .My birthday is on 8th january.I celebrate my birthday with my family.The best birthday present is a doll. I cut cake and and play with my friends.

Hi MissParrotFriend,

It's your birthday soon! Have a great day.

Happy birthday!



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Hello, My birthday is on 3 March. I always stay at home on my birthday and have a big birthday cake. My best present is a book.

My birthday is on 4 November. I celebrate by calling my friends. My best birthday present is a watch. I play with my friends on my birthday.

Hello! I'm new. My name is Carlos and my birthday is on 9th of February. I do celebrate my birthday(usually in big theme parks) and have parties as well. When I turn atleast 19 or 20, I wanna start my own business on being a dentist. How about you girls/boys??

My birthday is on 8 December. I celebrate my birthday in playroom. My favourite pressent are roller shoes. I celebrate my birthday vith friends. We listen to loud music.

My birthday was on 4th January. In my party, I will stay at home and play video game . I will have video party to celebrate my birthday
. I didn't have best present.

My birthy is on 8 jun.
I celebrate my birthy very much.
Last year, i had best birthday presenttation ever my all birthdays.
I'm singing my birthday, danching and playing games on computer.