How can you tell if you have had a monster in your fridge?

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It leaves footprints in the butter!

Footprints are the marks that your feet or shoes leave when you walk on sand or mud.


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Cool but not funny

Is very bad!

Not so funny !

I got it ! Why did you remove the "help" button ?

Hi OddWooden600!


We're happy you got the joke, and that you have read lots of our jokes! We removed the 'help' button, but you can still read the 'help' under the answer to the joke, to help you understand. It's the sentence in italics.


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Not really funny :)

if I have a monster in the fridge, I will put my little robot in to the fridge. So my robot will fighting with the monster. But I don't thing my robot can win!

i dont get it

I don't get it. And I can't find the "help" button. Can anybody help me?

Hi QueenMagicianWhale,

We no longer have the "help" button on our jokes. Instead we have put the explanation after the joke (under the picture):

Footprints are the marks that your feet or shoes leave when you walk on sand or mud.

So this joke means that you know there was a monster in your fridge if you see footprints in the butter. This is very silly, so it makes us laugh!

I hope that helps.


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team


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