Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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My favourite too ! I also like The Secret Garden.

  I love read ! ! !
My favourite book is "Almost Ghost" by J.R.L.Stain. Thats fantastic !

 Hi, i love reading i find it very relaxing , it is also fun , i get into books very quickly ! I love reading about animals and adventure also i like reading about action !  
Can you recommend books for my age 10/11

i like the books of Judy Moody, it's so fun!!
i love read and I wont to be a writer!!!
hugs for every children of british council kids


 hi MissLuckyMouse!
i like reading but now i don't know wat to read.
You can recommend a book to me forchildren of 9 years?

I like reading books too.My favourite bok are well i have 2 so i will name theam both the first one is Love Aubrey.It is a sad an d intresting book and the second book is The giant peach by Roald ahl a really funny book though.The first one made me cry and the second one made me laugh until i got a bad stomach ace.

Hi everyone

That's a very good question! Can anyone recommend a good book for Twinkling Cave Monster to read?

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

I like reading books very much

 I love reading!!!
My favourite book is "Alice in the wonderland", it's so interesant, i've got dreams like Alice :D!!!