Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? Have you got lots of cousins, aunts and uncles? Tell us a little about your family.

Your Turn: Family
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Hi, my name is Antek. I'm from Poland and I'm in class 4. My family Has 5 people : my dad, my mum, my two brothers and me. I have lots of cousins. I love my family very much.

Hi, my name is Hang. I'm from Viet Nam and I'm in grade 6. My family has 4 people: my dad, my mom, my little sister and me. I have lots of cousins! I love my family very much.

i have a sister and four aunts.and i have three uncles.

hello my name is joshua and im a nine years old i have a two sisters and two brohter and i have a mom and dad. i live in a denmark.

i have 4 family members i am the elder one in kids in my whole family even in cousins i have four aunties one uncle and four uncle in laws. one aunt in law. i have grand parents too.

My name is Ana, I am 8 years old. I study second class. My family has 4 members. The oldest in my family is my dad. He is 50 years old and he is a teacher. My mom is 46 years old. She is a teacher too. My mom and my dad work at the same university. My brother studies in Saigon city. My brother is 20 years old and he studies at university. He studies very well. I love my family very much!

I have one brother, and i am the oldest sister.
I have a little dog too, her name is Lala. she a family memeber now.
I have nine cousins in my father's family, and two cousins in my mother's family.
I have six uncles in total.

hi everyone i am chyanis i am eleven.
my dad name is hariram.he is 39
my mom name is pragya.she is 38.
i have one brother and three sisters.
my brother name is ram .he is 5.
my sisters are natchya,anupra and kritika.they are 10,6 and 4

Hi everyone, I am KindGem9000 and My name is Jeremiah 9 years old, My Mum name is Mary Ann and My Dad name is Jerome. i have 2 sisters my one sister name Joan and my second sister name Joy and i have 2 brothers my first brother name marlon and second brother name Dondon , All my brothers have a girl and my one sister Joy have a boy and my second sister she don't have a boy.

Hello my friend:)
My name is Maedeh
I'm living at the karaj,iran
I have one brother.His name is moein.
I have 2 cousins. One of them is very little and nice.
I like my family;)