Evil Ratty and his gang are going to rob a bank. Can Spycat stop Ratty before it's too late? Watch and find out!

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Ratty is the worst rat in the world. Can you invent another adventure for Ratty and Spycat? Tell us about it!

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The next adventure can be "Ratty stole a house."


they all seem to have the Exact same voice

the cat is so clever, i like SPY CAT but i don`t like RATTY

I like the gun and the Spycats

I like cats for example Spycat I hate Rats for example Ratty

Theft is very bad. They steal money, gold, computer... When they steal money;
Thief is happy,
Owner of the money is sad.

This is very cool but how can Spycat break the wall?Is he that strong?

I like this story.

Hm. . . I think that Cheese shouldn't eat cheese more if he want to rob another bank.