Anansi is always hungry and one day he is a bit too greedy. What will happen to Anansi? Watch and find out!

Traditional story adapted by Sue Clarke. Animation by Cambridge English Online.


Anansi is a very special spider. Do you like spiders or do you think they’re scary? Tell us what you think! 

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poor poor anansi

Anansi is so greed.

Anansi likes eating foods. But he didn't eat any think. This is greed.

greedy Anansi,I hope that he got a lesson after that.

I like it very much. It's funny! Anansi like eating! HAHAHAHAHA! And then his leg is thin! HAHAHAHA!

Oh! wretch Anansi

poor anansi

This is good.But i read very good story too :)

Wow !!! It is a fanny story.Anansi like eat !

 wow! stretchy legs !