Play a word game to learn and practise landmarks vocabulary.


What famous landmarks are in your country? Can you describe one?

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Hello SportyMoonstone200. I now all the landmarks 6 out of 6.

Total score is 6 out of 6 (100%)

it was not easy and not hard . I don't really know much about landmarks but i did get the vocabulary all right.
Thank you :)

I like the historical monument of Sagrada Familia because it's a dessigne made by Gaudí and Gaudí is a great dessigner.

The Sagrada Família is a very important landmark. The monument was build by Gaudí. I would love to go.

it’s a great game

It was so easy! I got 100% YAY

I did too!!

I think it was easy peasy lemon squizy!! B-) :-$ :'(:-* O:-) :-)

it was easy

i know all the landmarks 6 out of 6 yipppee