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Yesterday i went with my friends at the park and we played all day long.

hi my name is chyanis.i come from india . yesterday was little bit stress.i had an exam.so hard especially math.i didn't understand the questions at all.i was so scared about result.but when the result came i was sooo happy i got a good mark

Oh. well, was it good?

Yesterday I went to school first. Than when I came back home I eat and wrote my homework. When I finished I called my friends and went out to take a walk. After couple of hours, when I came back home I had dinner and watch TV after dinner, and I went to bed. :)

i woke up at 11 o clock, then i have breakfast.I watched tv a lot, talk on the telephone with my friend and it some great food.I went outside with my little brother to play football with him..
 at 8 oclock i went outside with my friends. there were 3 girls and 2 boys with  me...
we had fun and when i went back homee i listened to music until midnight...

Yesterday I went to the school at eight o'clock.After that I go home and I ate the lunch.I have a rest for one  hour and after that I go to the tennis club.

  • I am Aysegul I am from Turkey (İstanbul).Yesterday I went to my cousıns house .Then , we went to  Bağdat Street .İn  there we bought some new clothes and new pencilssssss.After we went home and watched tv and ate hamburger.Fınally we sleept.

 yesterday i go to school 

yesterday?yesterday....oh ya! i had no school it was sunday june 24 i have to log out bye bye!!!

my yesterday, i was very happy. Because i go to the park, eat the delicous ice cream in my country(vietnam)