Have you got a favourite word in English? Which words do you really like? Have you learned any new words by watching our Word of the week videos? 

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my favorite word is "miraculous".

My favourite words are FAMILY,ANIMALS and PEACE.

my favourite word is true

my favorite words are jedi and chocolate

HaHaHa mine too!

My favorite word is PREREQUISITE. It's an American English word for requirements. It sounds very interesting and smart when spoken.

i love hug

 Um...... My favorite word is...... Kitty!

i have a favourite sentence which i use to call my best friends 'hello unlimited awesome stars'! in 'Word of the Week' they give the words which i already know, i want some new words!

yes, I have learned a lot of worlds in English. In that It helped me Word of the Week, and you, and  mine English lessons at school. My favorite word is melody. :)