In the UK, 1 April is 'April Fool's Day'. This is a day when people play tricks on each other for fun. A trick is like a practical joke. Do you like playing tricks on people? Is there a similar day in your country? Tell us about a trick you have played on somebody!

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we play trick about may shool frends

In my school, monkeys are visitors. So, we fool our friends by telling that there are monkeys outside and rushing outside. When they belive it, we break out that it is the fools day. :)

Dear SilverDinosaurBunny,do your teacher or principal punish you and is there really monkey visitors.

I am awesome.

I've got a joke get a buckett of cold milkshake or diet cola or both and but the plug in on the bath and then mix the cola or milkshake or both and then pour it in the bath and ceep the plug in. and there you have it a perfect joke.

i am from america,new york i stick a paper on my friend back.

I do the same thing! (I'm from India too!)

I wanna tell you one day my friend putted stick on my chair, and I almost got stuck!

...Just a joke! APRIL FOOL

I don't wanna be a party pooper, but if you don't want to get surprised, you shouldn't do too bad jokes...