What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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Now is summer in my country. I like summer because in this season is my birthday but my all time favourite is spring. I don't know why i like this season but all i know is i like this beacuse is so much life anywhere .

Hi, my nickname is phoenix and I live in Viet Nam. It's rainy here. I like all seasons because all have meant with mean. In spring, I have Lunar new year, I can Tet wished with everybody in my family that I have a lucky money. In summer, I don't have to go school, I can go swim, play game. In autumn, meet my friend in school, and this season is beautiful in country shine. Winter, in Russian or Chinna is beautiful it overlies by smooth white snow.

Hi I'm Kavya from chennai..... we have summer season here. Chennai is always hot,hotter and hottest. but i like winter because it is cold

I'm from VietNam , it have 4 seasons, spring, summner, autumn and winter, my favourite summer becase I have picnic with my family in beach, sorry if my gammar is wrong

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Hello Friends.

I am from Indonesia. The weather now is very hot and sunny. My favorite seosen is spring because there are many flowers blooming. Sorry if my grammar is wrong

hello I'm Lapo ! I' m from Italy. I love comics.

I like SUMMER because  I go to the seaside!

Hello My name is Anisja .My favorite color is pink.I'm from Albania.I'm in 7th grade this year.My favorite sport is voliball.I love singing.thankyou for reading my thing!!!!


My name is YAZHINI I am from CHINNAI
now it is rainey season.I love this season because i will be playing with my friends when its raining and the school will be also leave. But my favorite season is winter i love this season very very very much.


Hi everybody!
In Croatia it's spring now. Spring is a very beautiful season because it isn't very hot or cold. It's sunny or windy. Today it's very hot and I wear sandals. Sometimes I go to sea-side because it's not crowded yet. In summer it's hot and I stay home because outside it's a hell. In autumn it isn't cold but it's windy, cloudy and rainy. In winter it isn't very cold but it's very windy (bora blows). My favourite season is spring! And yours?