When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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My birthday is on 29th, August

I like my birthday,too

 Dear Miss Internet Earth or British council,
 My birthday is on July 8th.
 I like to celebrate with my friends and family.
 I get a cake and i eat it with my friends.
 On my 8th birthday, I got a pony castle.
 At the birthday,my mum will make fun games to play.
 We will order garlic bread and pizza.

My birthday is on July 8th.
I am a new british counciler!
I am enjoying this awesome web!

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Hi! My birthday is on March 19 .I don't like to call my friends , I only want to be in my house
all day.


 Hi! My birthday was on 6th of April. I invite my friends to my house and celebrate the party. After eating the birthday cake, my friends and I will have pool party. It's fun and excited. I had 3 fancy dresses, a set of dolls, a box of jewellery filled with some neckalaces and bracelets, a white cat, a teddy bear and the best present is the doll house!! I love celebrating birthday party.


 My birthday is 1st February...
I celebrate my birthday with my family and friends.. We go to pizzerias or we go to my home and make a party here! I also go to the church to receive a pray... It's the best part! I think the best present I have ever got was my hamster, Twister! Well, when I go to birthday's partys I eat! :)