The marathon is a 42km race! It was first run 2,500 years ago. What is the history of this race? Watch and find out!

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The marathon is a very long race. Do you like running? Tell us about it!

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In the beginning of the video we watch a Persian who wants to capture Athens. The video shows he dreams of Parthenon but this is not correct. The Marathon battle was in 490 B.C. but the Parthenon was built in 438 B.C. There is a mistake in the video.

Hi GoldFashionTeam,
Yes, you're right - well spotted! The Persian soldier could not have dreamt about the Parthenon in 490 BC because it wasn't built. I'm sorry we can't change the video but thank you for telling us about this mistake.

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I feel sorry for the for the mesenger.Atleast he died in peace....:-(

The story was very interesting...

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I didn't understand it...

i like it .

 it is great

I love this story