Practise football words with this song about a football match.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online


Do you like football? Have you ever been to a football match? 

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i suport man chester city and juventis

I support Juventus F.C !!!

I like football !!!

This song was boring

I didn't like it.

I dont now because my coputer is... so... maybe...this is good.

i dont like foot ball but i was in a football game.
i was very good!

I support the Fluminense F.C.! I love this team! But I never went to a soccer game.
I love this song so much. I really love football.

the song is fantastic, Very good!
I never play football or watch a football match but after I listen this song I like playing football and watching a football match.I think it's the best song for everyone who likes football.

Hi everyone, Sometimes in my school the girls like to play football and the boys like football too. Wean the girls join in the football, the boys vs the girls team make it. Best Wishes, KindGem9000