What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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Well, my favourite day is on Saturday. Generally I go away with my Family and some friends. We visit parks, shoppings and some party. But I don't like on Sunday. I Always feel me sad..

My favourite day is an international children day because i can eat sweets and chips.

i like day 29.8.07

 My favourite day is diwali as we can lots of diyas on diwali.

I also like Diwali

I like monday because I have english class

Hi my name is reentika my favorite day is satuarday and friday because I can watch t.v. all night

I like Satuarday and Sunday because i can go to play with my friends!

Hi i am Kind Gem 9000,
My name is Jeremiah.i live with my dad and my mom too. My favorite days is saturday and sunday,in sunday i go to my church i pray the jesus lord . when the church finish i will find my friend, my friend name is mert and in saturday i stay in my house

my favourite day is Wednesday because go horse