What did one bat say to another bat?

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'Let's hang around together!'

Bats hang upside down. If you 'hang around' with your friends, it means to spend time together. In the United States they often say 'hang out'.


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Got it but isn't very funny !

hanging around means seeing places? i can't take a meaning, can anyone help me i also click the help button bu no idea! hmmm! please

Hi SportyMoonstone200,

'Hanging around' often means staying in one place, spending time with your friends.

The joke is that 'hang' is also what bats do in caves.

I hope that helps.


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It is very bad.

I like it alot!!

Kind of a not-well-known joke xD

Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the male bat said that : " I love you so much ".
the female one answered : " So do I"