Quinine is a medicine that helps to fight malaria. How was quinine discovered? Watch and find out!

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Quinine was discovered in the Amazon rainforest. Do you know about any forests? Are there any places with lots of trees where you live? Tell us about them!

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I am grateful for information!

It is very good. It helps us learn about the disease malaria

Hi everyone please if not got in comment if you see the star in down you see the years in dis story in 9 - 11 years. 

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Amazing Amazon Forest!

It 's in the Amazon rainforest.its name is Quinine.There are Cinchona tree and animals in Amazon rainforest is mosquitoes , dangerous animals for peoples

It's in the Amazon rainforest.
Its name is Quinine.
There are Cinchona tree.
In the Amazon rainforest is mosquitoes and it is dangerous animals for pepoles.

this gave me knowledge about medicines made from plants to cure harmful diseases!

Nice story.