This boy's family all work with animals. Does he want to work with animals too when he grows up? Watch and find out!

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This family all have animal jobs. What jobs do the people in your family have? Tell us about them!

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I will work in a hospital
Checking Health
Yes I wear a uniform


i don't know when i grow up children doctor or animal doctor or scary animal doctor say it everyone 
children doctor :
animal doctor:
scary animal doctor;

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I love to be a great swimer
but i'm still confuesed
[i need some time to think]

I love ithis story so much, when i grow up, i want to be a teacher,a babysitter or even a doctor! 

when i grow up i wantt o join the special force lions in macedonia

i want to be!?! I dont know ... maybe a Ballet dancer

I want to be a designer

I hate snakes but I love birds, dogs and dolphins.