Billy and Tom are pretending to be wizards and they are making a magic spell. Will it work?

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Billy and Tom put some horrible ingredients in the pot to make their magic potion. What other ingredients could you use to make a magic potion? Tell us your ideas!

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You Are the Best! Green100!

I will use banana skins, 5 spiders, 7 papers and 8 magic books. My spell will make me become a butterfly!5


funny story not bad

I liked it because it was fun and magic too.

that tail was funny i realy liked it . is this website exsists realy

 i really liked the end. I t is very funny.

i dont think my mum will be pleased if i said that i looked like an elephant
this story is funny

Hahaha! it's hillarious ! First his face turn into an elephant's face and at the end he got a tail!

lovely and wonderful story . I liked it too much.