Which letter is it? Click on the right letter, but watch for the snake!

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Which animals do you prefer? Monkey or snake? Have you seen a monkey or a snake? Was it in the zoo or the wild?

Average: 3.8 (1449 votes)


 its very funny

 Hi friends i think this gamme is boring, but i like snake and i like coconut ... I don't like banana :(

i don't like monkey

 I like this game..both the animals are funny ..they come for me to play alphabets..

this game is very funny.

 Hi dear friend 

i found this game is basic and very easy to understand but the moneky was very intelligent and climped at the tree and get the bana for him slef but unfortunatelly the snake was totally helpless and wait that money threw some thing for him to his eat. The money was so claver. As in our country the monkey is know the most intelligent and claver animal in all animals. but ultimately this game is boring and noting give me to learn excpet monkey collecting banans for himslef. Money is selfish animal.

Hm, I like money rather than snake why? Because the sanke always cut the us . He is enimy of humen. But we can play money. I have seen money and sanke zoo. But in hot weather in our country like nowdays we often seen that due hot tempreature of surface the sanke comes out form hole. So hope fully soon after few days when former start the cutting the wheat crops we will ses many sankes.

 i like this game.mokey is funny and smille. 

I loved

 I liked

Snake is hapless. He look for monkey. Monkey is very fortuitous.But I don't like this game. Because this game is very easily. İt is boring.  I THİNK!

 I like this game!The monkey is funny!!