What colour is your hair? Is your hair long or short? Is your hair curly, wavy or straight? Do you have a favourite hairstyle? Do you like going to the hairdresser's?


Your Turn: Hair
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HI!  I have  long  brown  hair . I don't have favourite hairstyle but  when my hairdresser  make my  hair  wavy I like them very much !!!

My hair is brown and long.
My hair is straight.
Yes, i have.
yes, i like.

 My hair is brown and very long. It is wavy. Yes I have a favorite hairsytle and I going to the hairdresser's.

My hair colour is black. It is little short. It's straight one.
Yes, I have a favourite hairstyle.

I have black and somewhat curly hair. It gets tangled up easily and takes a long time and effort to neatly brush it. I'm not exactly a great fan of my hair , its always too messy and keeps irritating my shoulders and my neck. I would love to go to the hairdresser's and cut my hair short (which is my favorite hairstyle) but my mother says that I mustn't cut my hair any more , or else it won't grow. What about you?

my hair colour is black
its wavy
its long but not very long
i have not gone to the hair dresser

My color of my hair is brunette. Once when I was 6, my hair was so straight but now I have a long, thick, beautiful loose curly hair. My favaorite hairstyles are ponytail, bun, french braid, fishtail braid, prom styles braiding and aztec corousel braid ponytail and bun. I don't like to go to the hairdresser because it will damage my hair or make my hair frizz . I love the way my hair it be.

  •  my  color  hear  is  broun  and  yellow
  • is  very  short
  • my  hear  is  curly
  • no  i  dount  have  a stile
  • no

my hair r black! i hv long hair and my fave hairstyle is a pony tail! i don't like going to the hairdressers, they tie my hair too hard!

I'm from South Korea.
My hair is longer than ather boys but, it's not to long.
My hair color is black.