Eid al-Fitr is this girl's favourite time of year. How does she celebrate? Watch and find out!

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This girl's favourite celebration is Eid al-Fitr. What's your favourite time of year? Tell us about it!

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This is very interesting.

r u a muslim??
I am a muslim

I don't celebrate it. And i am not a muslim.

 my favorite day is Eid Al Fitr, all people on this day celebrate together, and everybody wear a new dress, we give the poor peoples new dress too. and give them presents. ( i love that moment , when i give the poor people something they love).
the first day of Eid , we celebrate at my grandma's house "on the morning". Grandma, my uncles, my aunts and my parents give us a chocolate, candy and money...etc :)
I LOVE  Eid Al Fitr .

  • my  favourite day is Aid Al  Fitre on this day we go to the mosque in the morning on the road when  we return we drink coffee with sweet cake and we wear a new clothes the parents give the money to the children and we give our neighbor some cake in the afternoon we go to visit our familly or we go to the zoo or park it's a very good day after ramadan

this is great to now about eid al fitr thanks, Gold Blue Dolfin

It looks like the end of Eid.

Eid is celebrated by muslims.The muslims read the quran as a holy book.One of the memorizer is Zaid bin Thabit.Is not easy to memorize it.Because the quran has more than 600 pages.But i will try my best to be like Zaid bin Thabit as a quran hafiz [quran memorizer].The quran was sent from our prophet Muhammad.

I celebrate eid too. It's a very important moment of the islamic year. But before eid, we have Ramadan. It is very hard. We can't eat or drink anything of the hole day.
When the sun rise down, we can eat again. We have too do that for a month.  It's a tradition for us.

You know,muslims all over the world are celebrating Eid now.