When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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Hi! I'm Öykü!
I'm from Turkey.
My birthday is on 22th January.
I celebrate my birthday with my family and friends.
My best birthday present is a book.
Its name is Sayı Şeytanı.
I eat snacks and celebrate the birthday party.
Happy Birthday everyone! :)

My birthday is 21 december

 My birthday is on 8th January.I celebrate my birthday by bringing cake and eating it and have fun.

My birthday is on June 29 .I celebrate my birthday  with my family.  The best  present i ever got was a   Plastic House .  I  eat the cake than i give him /her a present     

My birthday is 2 May. Usually, my birthday I celebrate with my friends and my family. I think that was a bike. Yes, than I get my first bike. I get that when I was 8 years. I have fun. A lot of fun with music, food, some games, and the most important my family and my friends. :) 

I love birthdays

My brithday is in 19/10.

It 's a bit late but  happy birthday    AgentMouseFlute

My birthday happens on 27 \ 07.
I celebrate in my riding, with my best friend. The next morning we lesson, then have lunch there and after we eat play.

My birthday is on 12 October. My sister ( DoctorCreamGlove ) , her birthday is on 12 July .

( PrincessFashionRhythm )