What's your favourite colour? Colours can sometimes have special meanings. Red can sometimes make us feel angry, yellow can make us feel happy and blue can make us feel sad. Do colours have a special meaning in your culture?

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 Me too! Orange is means sunshine! Have a good day!:)

 My favorite colour are:
1.Purple is magic
2.Blue is sad
3.Red is angry
4.Green is happy!:

Hello, I`m a Finnish girl.
In Finland black is sad colour and red is christmast colour.
In Finnish black is musta and red is punainen.
My farorite colours is:

  • Pink
  • Neon pink
  • Neon light blue

Thanks for reading! :D

I like all colours but especially green. I love nature and green represents ( for me) nature, adventure and peace. I love green!

My favorite color is yellow.It always makes me feel happy and energetic.By the way,the food that looks yellow is the banana.And the sun is also yellow .It can give me energy,too.

My favourite colour is Red.

my favourite colour is pink, purple, light blue,green and white
these colours mean a lot for me that's why i like these colours

my favoroute colors is blue and purple

My favourite colour is blue .I like purple and green but I hate orange and black.

I have 3 favorite coloures: Red, pink and purple. But my most favorite one is purple.