In the UK, 1 April is 'April Fool's Day'. This is a day when people play tricks on each other for fun. A trick is like a practical joke. Do you like playing tricks on people? Is there a similar day in your country? Tell us about a trick you have played on somebody!

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We celebrate April fool's day in Turkey. In 1st April my friend tricked me! In 31th March there was
Fenerbahçe-Bursaspor match. (Fenerbahçe and Bursaspor are football teams) Fenerbahçe won 3-0.
In 1st April our dialog was like this:

Me- Yesterday, Fenerbahçe won 3-0.
My Friend- No, Bursaspor won 3-0 yesterday!
Me- Really?
My Friend- 1st April!

Why your parent don't tell about this year TurquoiseTruckP ... ?

hey BlueRapPaper, why you hate fool day? It was a nice day.

nice! I like fool they, I'm have trick a lot of people even my friends!. I have a lot of fun that day! I will never forgot it. It was very fun to have an special day like, Chrismas, Foll day, Tet, moon festival, Summer, Woman day, Children day!

  • Yes, I like playing tricks on people.
  • No, there is not a similar day in my country, Spain. At least I don´t know about it!
  • One time, I got a red marker and drew a line on my finger with the marker. I showed it to my brother and said, "Look! I have blood on my finger!" He believed me. It wasn´t for April Fool´s Day. I just played a trick.

 We celebrate April fools day in 1 April too.I like to do tricks and jokes.

My friends talk together, then I say:"Teacher coming" and they stand up and say: "Good morning teacher"

Dose that a trick? We all talk about fool day, i think that not fool day!

Hi MissLuteVolleyball,
We can do all sorts of things to trick our friends on April fool's day!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

in april fooling day a made my dad go to work on Friday


and mum made her sit on the computer 26 hours