Lottie is talking about her dad. Is her dad like yours? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Lottie tells us about her dad. Can you describe someone in your family? Tell us what they look like and what they do!

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Hello my name is Almas
I live in Azerbaijan
I am azerbaijani
I am 12


My name is Dilan.I am 9 years.I have got big family.
My family live in Istanbul.I live with my dad,my mum and my brother...
My dad's name is Yavuz.My mum's name is Özlem
My brother's name is Baran.
My dad is 45 years old.My mum is 40 years old.
Baran is my twice.
I am shorter than Baran
My mum is younger my dad.
I have got 12 cousins
My mum is psychologist
My dad is export maneger


My brother is older than me and my dad is the oldest person in my family.

My name is Baran.I am 9 years old. I have got  good family.
My  family live in İstanbul.I live with my dad, my mum and my sister.
My dad ' s name is Yavuz.. My mum' s name is Özlem.
My sister's name is Dilan.
My dad is 45 years old.
My mum is 40 years old.
Dilan is my twice.I am tallar than Dilan.
My dad is older than my mum.
I have got  12 cousin.
My mum is teacher.
My dad is export maneger.
I love my family.

  •  My dad's name is Selçuk.He have green eyes.he is 35 years old.His hair is black.
  • He wakes up early and he has his breakfast and go to work.
  • My dad is a farmer.He has a farm.
  • He goes to work and work all the evening.
  • He goes to farm on the weekends.

Hello,my name is Can.
İ live with my dad,my mum and my brother. But i have a big family.
İ have a big brother,3 cousins,uncle and aunties.
İ sometimes visit my granies.İ love them so much and they help me so much
İn our family the oldest is my dads aunt she is 94 years old and the youngest people is my cousin.
İ am the youngest people in the house.İn my house there is my dad,my brother and my mum.
İn our house the oldest people is my mum.My mum is three brother my mum,my uncle and my aunt.
İt's a very very  big family İ LOVE MY FAMİLY.


My name is Ömer. I am 9 years old.I live with my little brother,my mum,my dad and with my older sister in İstanbul.I am a fourth grader.

Im going to tell you about my father.He is the biggest person in our family.My dads name is Dilaver.His friends call him Dr.D...He is ENT head and neck surgery. I will tell you about his look.He is 53 years old.His eyes and hair is darker than mine.He is taller than me.But I am thinner than him.

I like to spend time with my father especially playing football. My favorite team is Fenerbahçe. At the weekends we both go to matches and watch it having so much fun.We have a sailing boat. in summer we go sailing with my family.I help my dad to tie the ropes and to tie of the ropes.Sometimes we have acident he helps me too.I like to use the boat. I feel like a captain.My dad is the most talanted person.Finally it is fun to live with my father

My name is Alphan.I am 9 years old.I have a great family.
My brother's name is Serhan.He is 11 years old.My mum's name is Özben.
My dad's name is Ekrem.
My grandma's name is Neptün.
My grandfa's name is Ünal.
I have 11 cousins,1 uncle,4 aunts.
I love my family.

My dad is graet. I love him. İn holi day we go akmerkez.He  is lovely .Him name is SAMİ TARHAN. My name is İREM HATUN.