Practise the sounds of the alphabet. Listen to the sounds. What letter of the alphabet sounds like this? Watch out for the snake!


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  • What letter of the alphabet does your name begin with?
  • Do you know five words in English that begin with the first letter of your name?
  • For example: My name's Joanna. Five words that begin with the letter J are: jump, jam, jungle, jobs and jumper.
  • Can you do the same? Write and tell us your name and your five words.
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not easy

 boring :(


hello every body  , my name is mohamed , the first litter in my name is m , i know five words begin with this litter, for example: mother mummy monsters mosque and music

yes,it's very very very boringgg!!!!!!!!

 this is not a good game Its a  boring game  I hate it

 so easy !!!!!

very easy