Do you have a lucky number? What do different numbers mean in your country? Are some luckier than others? Can you count backwards very quickly? Try to count backwards from 20 to 0 in English and tell us how long it takes you! Have fun!

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1.Do you have a lucky number? My lucky number is 1 and 10.
2.What do different numbers mean in your country? I don't understand this question.
3.Are some luckier than others?No!
4.Can you count backwards very quickly?Yesssss.

Hi IncredibleCrystal6,
Thanks for writing about numbers on our Numbers Your turn!
You say that you don't understand question 2. For example in the UK, some people say that 13 is an unlucky number. Is it the same in your country?

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My lucky number is 476

My favourite number is 8!

  1.  I think that I have lucky number.
  2. I don't know. 
  3. Maybe.
  4. Yes Maybe. 
  5. 24 seconds. :)

T-3 2 1...
I counted very quickly!
By the way, i love 2. 7 is apparently luckiest number and 13... you know... unlucky! I hate maths... to one day i was bad in that, but today i can very quickly...

HI<3 my lucky number is 2!!! In my country number 7 means hapiness...My sister's lucky number is 7. It took me 11 seconds to acount!!!really goood time.!.!

I am very happy to be a member of British Counsil

 My lucky number eight. ( 8 )  008 Bond


  • my lucky number is 8 hahaha ......... I like this number so much!