What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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My favourite food is pizza. 
Macedonian traditional food is peas and rice. :)

I like pears, rice, pasta. My favourite meal is roast chicken.I hate  kissel. Bye -Bye!  

Hi! My name is Lera. I am from Russia. I like traditional Russian food.

I am an Indian .My favourite food are :-

Dosa , Tandoori, Biryani, Italian Platter , Mexican Platter, Seafood , Chinese and continental

Dear Miss Lucky Mouse 
no one write  a text for me. But you can ,dont you? In turkey we have loads of kind of food and they are reallyyy DELİCİOOSSSS. If you want to know please reply me a text. 

Dear MissRedSkates,

MissLuckyMouse isn't here any more, but we would like to know about the food in Turkey, so please do write about it!

LearnEnglish Kids team

i like pizza, burger, chicken soap, and pancakes! i like a lot of foods including vegetables because they are healthy! i also love strawberry yogurt! its so delicious! i am from Australia!

  1. pizza
  2. coocies
  3. hotdog
  4. chichen
  5. rise
  6. hamberger
  7. cherry

Hi !
My favourite foods are pizza, chips, spaghetti and sweet ( not too much though) .
I do not know exactly what a traditional food.
Bye Bye

Hi CreamFireHorse, 

'Traditional' food is the food which is very typical in your country. Something which almost everybody eats, something quite old and something that your country is famous for. 

For example, I am from England and a traditional dish from my country is 'Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding'. 

Best wishes
LearnEnglishKids Team